Electronic Medical Record

Clinical management of nephropathic patient


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MEDWARE® is the system for medical records born from the analysis and experience of a large team composed of experts in the fields of nephrology and information technology, representing the best software available today for the management of nephrology and dialysis hospital departments. Created with visual technology, MEDWARE® conveniently combines practicality of use and operation flexibility while making the medical record the gathering unit for all information on the patients and on the activities of a nephrology and dialysis department.

Ease of use

MEDWARE® is user friendly, promptly serving your needs and being rapidly responsive. It facilitates the use of the product, both when presenting data and when actually using it. This helps reducing learning time, makes data easier to access, and simplifies the work of doctors and department personnel.

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Modular architecture

MEDWARE® is based on a modular architecture that allows a high level of connectivity thanks to the adoption of international standards, configuration and performance flexibility and easy adaptation to the evolving needs of healthcare information, from the simplest to the most complex and structured.

Security and confidentiality

Security and confidentiality are essential requisites for MEDWARE® healthcare database. In order to ensure confidentiality, the system administrator can define the rights of the various operators. MEDWARE® adopted all security, authentication and qualification procedures required by the latest regulations regarding protection of personal data.

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Data export

MEDWARE® can modify the fields of several archives of the database, in order to be adjusted to the department routine. All the entered data can be printed, both in standard and customized formats, according to the needs of the department.

Remote users: management of territory

MEDWARE® allows remote connection of many workstations, connected in a local or remote network, through Virtual Private Networks by means of secure internet accesses. A wide network among hospital branches can therefore be realized, in a complete transparent way for the user.

Interfaces with external systems

By the adoption of international standards, MEDWARE® interfaces allows any type of data exchange with external systems: HL7, IHE, etc...