Renal Replacement Therapy Management

Intensive care nephrology system

RRTM software

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RRTM is the electronical medical record for Intensive Care departments management. Developed in direct contact with physicians and health care professionals, the RRTM system allows full automation of information activities with great operational flexibility. Its ease of use, obtained through flexible and intuitive user interface, reduces the learning time, makes it easier to access data and greatly simplifies the work of doctors and ward staff. The use of a dictionary of terms defined by the user, the ability to customize all types of document (requirements, observations, examinations) and the classification of standard types of the various entities are the pivot of the whole system in Intensive Care services context, notoriously characterized by a large flow of data, need for quick review of the same and extreme mobility and variability of patients.

Modular architecture

RRTM is based on a modular architecture client/server, which allows a high level of integration through the adoption of international standards, flexibility in the configuration and performance and adaptation to the changing of clinical care informational needs, from the minimal to the most complex and structured. The database (database-SQL server) stays on a server in the local network. All workstations and clients, access it at the same time, in large numbers and with great reliability, using the standard TCP/IP.

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Ease of Use

RRTM is characterized by ease of use, adaptability to needs and fast response. In order to facilitate the use of the product, both in terms of presentation of data and in terms of mode of use, it follows C.U.A. (Common User Access) recommendation, regarding the standardization of program user-interface. This reduces the learning curve, making it easier to access data, simplifies the work of the doctor and department staff.

Customizable tables and prints

All data can be printed, both in standard and custom size, in order to adapt them to the department needs. Reports and the modules are freely configurable and are made from generic models that can later be detailed. It is also possible to export data to common use programs such as Microsoft Word®, Excel®, Access®.

RRTM hardware


Connecting any CRRT dialysis monitor

IC-Box device can be connected to any dialysis monitor used in Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) for acute patients in semi-intensive units of dialysis wards or in semi-intensive therapy units.

Independent storage of multiple dialysis sessions

IC-Box automatically stores all your current dialysis session data, even when the related Personal Computer is off. Furthermore, it can permanently store in its own memory many dialysis sessions, up to 200 hours. This data are automatically transferred, in a unified format, to the main Personal Computer.