ISI Monitoring System

Automatic data collection of dialysis treatment


EXPERT monitoring system control software features an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. It shows the situation at each dialysis station in real-time, immediately alerting the user to any alarm or other conditions that need attention.

Integration with ward clinical records

EXPERT can automatically transfer all the monitoring information directly to the Patient's Clinical Records used in the ward.

Teledialysis system

EXPERT system allows remote monitoring of distant stations through VPN connections based on security protocol. The remote stations can be single beds in home dialysis, or groups of beds in peripheral health care buildings.


Automatic device recognition

The Box device is an intelligent data concentrator which have been specifically designed for connecting any medical equipment with a data output. The Box automatically recognize every dialysis monitor, bed scale and many other devices used in hemodialysis.

Multiple dialysis sessions storage

The Box monitoring device automatically store the current dialysis session data, even when the central computer is off. It can permanently store in the internal memory the last monitored dialysis sessions.

Simultaneous monitoring of different devices at the same bed

The dialysis monitors and the other devices, as bed-scale, are simultaneously connected to the Box device located at the top of the bedside. With an extremely simplified Plug & Play mode that does not require any configuration, a unified and instantaneous interface is created at the same bed.