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The Company

SINED s.r.l. is a company specialized in the information management of health facilities. Founded in 1994, its objective is, and always has been, to provide cutting edge solutions that allow health care technicians to carefully treat patients and to optimize working time, in the strictest abidance of regulations on reliability, security and confidentiality of data. The continuous push for technological innovation, the focus towards the needs of the client and flexibility of operation were the main elements to its success. SINED is committed to quality since 1998, when it was certified by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH. Now SINED is certified ISO 13485.

The company is currently arranged in two offices:

  • the Head office in Bologna, in which the technical, commercial and administrative divisions operate
  • the French office in Nantes, committed to the management of the French market

Flexibility and work in the field

Since its beginnings, client satisfaction has been the main component of operation for SINED. The development of all SINED systems takes place in the field, collaborating directly with the final users. Flexibility and customizability, together with extreme simplicity of use, make SINED systems versatile and easily adjustable to any health care matter, beginning from any clinical or management method more or less consolidated.

Quality Policy

Since its foundation, in 1993, SINED has always considered the needs of its Clients as the primary source and inspiration of the company growth. SINED Quality Policy originates from the acknowledgement of the value and importance of such necessities.
Starting from 2019, SINED has strengthened its role among the dialysis players thanks to the entry into the GROUPE THÉRADIAL, with whom it shared the mission to be committed to care.
SINED is already present in more than three hundred Italian, French and Swiss public, private and associative Dialysis Centres. The company values customer loyalty and technical development: such concern is proven by the quality of the Customer Care Service and the innovation skills, two elements that distinguish the company.
SINED continues to assure the trust of its partners by listening to their needs, being close to them, and working with perseverance.
In order to achieve its goals in a constantly evolving regulatory environment, SINED has spontaneously adopted a Quality Management System aimed at complying with the latest regulatory requirements. The company management invites all the members of the Team to apply the aforementioned system, which has been designed based on the international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, the European Regulations, and the European Directives, so as to make SINED products and medical devices evolve and progress in compliance with them.

The continuous improvement process is applied in SINED by pursuing the following objectives:

  • to ensure patients’ safety,
  • to maintain the quality of its products and services,
  • to meet customers’ needs, offering innovative solutions,
  • to provide opportunities for professional and personal growth for the members of the Team (who are considered as people, before being seen employees), respecting their dignity,
  • to maintain the efficacy of its Quality Management System, and to increase its performance.

SINED Management is therefore committed to:

  • allocate the resources needed to implement the present Quality Policy,
  • comply with regulatory and legal requirements,
  • implement a Risk Management Strategy,
  • involve all Collaborators in the quality management process, and in the application of the established procedures,
  • optimize the organization in order to anticipate and quickly respond to market demands,
  • implement what is necessary to become a leader company in its reference market,
  • spur continuous improvement of the Quality System, starting from the indicators chosen to guide each Company process,
  • encourage collaboration and cohesion of the Team through equity, consideration, human interactions, and respect for the competences of each individual,
  • guarantee honesty, loyalty, a sense of responsibility, moral integrity, and impeccable behaviour in all Team activities.

The SINED Management appoints Chiara GRANDI, Quality Manager, as Representative of the Management. The role involves the supervision of internal processes and any recommendations for improvement of the Quality Management System will be reported to her.
Bologna (Italy), 05-02-2024


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